Bruce Povey Photography

A sports photographer who specializes in (football & cricket) & wildlife photography. This includes:

GVFL, HDFL, GMCricket & historical family photos from Casterton, Sandford & Carapook

Website: www.poveyphotos.com is still online. There will be no further additions to it, due to financial constraints. Some cricket & football folders have been removed, but are still backed up. This site will, (if/when I can get my head around it), be altered for mobile phone viewing.

Have just done the suggested alteration, reckon it comes up OK on a phone…have to persevere a bit though.

Sports & Wildlife Photographer

Award-Winning​ Football: (GVFL & HDFL)

Best action country football photo published in a newspaper in 2009.

Award-Winning Cricket (GMC)

All/most/some of the "gotcha" moments captured.


Back yard visiting birds are always an easy option.

Old family photos

...from Carapook, Sandford, Casterton, including families of Ansons, Poveys, Widdicombes, Davies, Grinhams.

Old photos from Echuca HS Swan Hill HS

Some B&W photos from 1987-01. Athletics, swimming, cross-country & Year 12 photos from 1986-09.

About Me

I taught black & white photography, as well as Chemistry, in four Victorian High Schools (Seymour, Moorleigh, Swan Hill & Echuca) during my teaching career. On going digital in the early 2000s, my first digital SLR was a Nikon D100. Over the next few years, I updated through D200, D2X, D3, D3x, D4. I currently use a Nikon D5, D500, D850 & Z7. For football I use a Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens; for cricket, a 600mm f4 lens. All images are taken in (NEF) RAW format which I process in Adobe Camera Raw & save as JPEGs. The files are then reduced in size & watermarked using an action in Photoshop, before being uploaded to this website.

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