Bruce Povey Photography

Bruce Povey Photography

Angus Martin...on the front foot.

Three 2008 Grand Final galleries just added...26/03/2021

Welcome to a collection of photographic galleries taken in the Rochester area. This site adds to/replaces the previous site ( Galleries include:

Goulburn Valley League

Heathcote & District Football League

Rochester Football/Netball Club

Goulburn Murray Cricket

Wildlife photos: Campaspe River & Rochester area

Old family photos from: Casterton, Carapook & Sandford

Old school photos from Echuca HS & Swan Hill HS

Photographic interests

Award winning football

Best action football photo published in a country newspaper in 2009. "Tom Longford" Elmore FC.

Award winning cricket

Victorian Country Press Association best sports photo 2019.


Backyard visiting birds & wildlife on the local Campaspe River offer many opportunities.

I taught black & white photography, as well as Chemistry in four Victorian High Schools (Seymour, Moorleigh, Swan Hill & Echuca). On going digital in the early 2000s, my first digital SLR was a Nikon D100. Over the next few years, I updated through the Nikon D200, D2X, D3, D3X, D4 & D5. I currently use a D6, Z7, Z7II & Z9 (delivered 29/12/2021). For football, I use a Nikon 400mm f2.8 lens, (recently lost in October floods) while for cricket a Nikon 600mm f4 lens (sold May 2022). All images are taken in (NEF) RAW format, with camera set to manual mode (correct exposure is achieved with “auto iso”).  Photos are processed in Adobe Camera Raw or LRC & saved as JPEGs. If time permits, low light wildlife Raw files are batch-processed in DxO PureRaw 3 to remove noise. The files are then reduced in size & watermarked using an action & a script in Photoshop CC, before being uploaded to this website.

On Instagram as ( bruce_poppy_povey )

Purchase images:

All are cropped to A4 dimensions,

2480px by 3508px; 300dpi;

No watermark; $5.00 each

Framed montages, 11″ x 14″; $80.00

Cameras/lens for sale:

Nikon D500 kit, S/N 2032759,16-80VR, 32gb XQD, Meike vert grip, S/C 4,232: $1200 (SOLD)

Nikon D4 body, S/N 2059757, 64gb XQD, S/C 145,501: $1000.(SOLD)

Nikon D500 body, S/N 8503007, 32gb XQD, Meike vert grip, S/C 18,967: $1000 (SOLD)

Nikon D850 body, 64gb XQD, Meike vert grip, S/C 11,460: $2700 (SOLD)

Nikon 14-24mm 2.8G lens: $1000 (SOLD)

Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR lens: $1500 (SOLD)

Contact Bruce for photo orders or any general queries